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Privacy Policy

Read how Short Notice Tests treat your private data in accordance with the new General Data Protection Rules of 25th May 2018. Updated on 26/08/20

Your personal data that you provide us on our online booking form is safely and securely stored on PayPal's secure server. Our data handler will not share your name and address along with your phone number with any third parties. Your licence number and theory test number along with your application number will be used on WWW.GOV.UK to login and search for driving test cancellations on your behalf.

If at anytime you want your details removed from PayPal's secure server please contact them by phone and they will be happy to help you. We will not sell or share your private details with any other third parties at all. We will contact you by phone if you do not respond to our text messages for any reason or if there is driving test cancellation dates that we cannot book without contacting you first.

We will contact you first by text or phone call to your mobile if stated in your application or automatically book the cancellation date then text you as requested by you. If you don't reply to our texts we will contact you by text, email or phone.

If you are using our services for car hire we will pass your details to driving instructors that are on our database. We will only pass on your address and phone number only if you request car hire for your driving test day.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

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