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Driving Test Cancellations

If you have just failed your driving test and can't find driving test cancellations, we can find a quick driving test for you within the next two weeks for £50.

It can take us up to 3 days * to find a driving test cancellation for you. We are a 5 Star rated premium driving test cancellation checker service that can find cancelled tests or earlier driving tests released by the DVSA, and our 5 star reviews below speak for themselves.

Our driving test cancellations agency can find you a driving test cancellation that will fit into your driving instructors diary and a date that suits you.

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How it works - Simply fill in your details make sure you have a far away driving test date booked with the DVSA and when we find a driving test cancellation that fits in to your requirements we automatically change your current driving test booking to the one we find for you. We then text you and notify you of the earlier driving test. You text back 'Yes' if you want the date or 'No' if you want us to carry on looking to find another date.

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* Some test centres may take us a few days longer to find driving cancellations due to how much availability a driving test centre has. If you have failed today the DVSA have a rule that you can't sit a test cancellation for ten working days after you fail. We still can start searching for a date that is 10 working days from when you failed your driving test. Working DVSA days are from Monday to Saturday. We are not affiliated with the DVSA and if you want to look for driving test cancellations for free you can right here

Book driving test - If you are looking to change your practical driving test date to an earlier driving test because you need to sit your practical driving earlier for what ever reason we can get driving cancellations that you want. We are the best driving test cancellation finder that you can really rely on. Our driving test cancellation checker can get a quick driving test cancellation at any test centres that you want.

Are you searching for how to get an early driving test date? If the answer is yes, here are the answers. You could look on the DVSA website for driving test cancellation dates and change your driving test yourself. It can take you up to 7 days to find a driving test if you have the patience to sit there day and night. Or the easiest way to get a cancellation driving test is to use our cancellation checker to get driving test cancellation dates that you want.

Book Driving Test Cancellation - We can find U.K driving test cancellations at all test centres of your choice and get your practical driving test booking to a convenient slot that you want. Please note we only find dvla cancellations and driving test availability depends on individual test centres.

Driving Test Cancellation List - If you are searching for a driving test cancellation list then you have found the cancellation list right here. Simply fill out our online form and get on our driving test cancellation list. Hear from us within 3 days* and we will do our very best to book a driving test that you want. We can find a fast track driving test to that will help you pass your driving test much faster than any date you have.

Have you been checking for cancelled driving tests? If yes and you have had no luck because you took your eye off the screen, we can check for cancelled driving tests from 6am till 11:40pm 7 days a week for you. To find a cancelled driving test it could be very hard as there may be other learners looking at the same time that might grab the cancelled test before you.

We also offer car hire for your driving test day and driving lessons in certain areas in the UK. Please call us to find out if we have an associate available in the areas below for car hire.

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